Since 1997 in the field of sandblasting

Our main profile is sandblasting, sandblasting, gritblasting and gritblasting, suitable for a wide range of applications.
Our services range from surface cleaning, preparation of the renovation process, to custom sandblasting emblems.

Surface cleaning with grit blasting

We provide solutions for cleaning antiques before renovation, removing rust and dirt. Through our sandblasting, nut blasting and dry ice blasting techniques, we effectively clean even the most delicate surfaces, guaranteeing their damage-free condition.

Stylish roughening of glass surfaces

We create unique-looking glass surfaces for our clients, giving a distinctive design to any environment.

Embossing with sandblasting

Christmas, corporate event, family keepsake? We can apply emblems, logos or other custom designs to a variety of surfaces, guaranteeing high quality results.

Concrete repair

We use our professional approach and experience to repair and renew concrete surfaces, ensuring long-term durability.

The RollSplit team aims to provide our customers with outstanding services, all with a high level of expertise and commitment.