Spreading materials

In spray cleaning, the following spray materials can be used to remove dirt and coatings. However, it is important to emphasise that in each case the appropriate spray material is selected based on the type and condition of the surface.

Silica sand:

One of the most commonly used spreading materials. The high velocity of the sand particles effectively removes old paint, coatings, corrosion, rust and other contaminants.

Glass particles:

Glass particles can be used for cleaning and surface preparation. It has a lower environmental impact than silica sand and less dust is generated during use.

Aluminium oxide:

Widely used as a spraying material. In this case, we do not have the same, but different sized particles, which are effective in removing rust, and can also be used for surface smoothing and various cleaning tasks.

Steel particles:

Steel particles are very powerful in removing rust, paint and dirt from the surface. They are mainly used to prepare metal surfaces.

Used to clean metal surfaces:

A medium hardness spray material that can be used to effectively clean metal and wood surfaces, as well as concrete.

Ceramic granules:

Ceramic grit is an easy to control grit, in addition to being a medium hardness. They can be used on a wide range of surfaces.

Quartz grains:

They are great for polishing in addition to cleaning surfaces. Often used to prepare plastic and glass surfaces.

Dry ice:

The basis of this spraying technique is grain spraying. The advantage of dry ice is that it does not contain water and there is no dirt or residue after the work is done.

Maize granules:

Excellent for use on metals, plastics, masonry and fibreglass. The characteristic feature of this spraying material is that it is made from the woody part of the corn cob, resulting in a material with high hardness, good absorbency and excellent flow properties. When applied, it does not damage the treated surface.

Nutshell granules:

This spray is made from shredded walnut shells, which are soft and sharp, making them particularly suitable for cleaning sensitive areas.