Preparing for restoration

Sandblasting is a very effective tool for restoration, as it easily removes old coatings, rust, dirt and paint from old and damaged surfaces. It effectively cleans and prepares the surface for restoration work.

Sandblasting works with high-pressure sand particles that penetrate strongly into the surface, removing various types of dirt as well as possible oxidation with great thoroughness. This ensures that the surface is completely clean and ready for restoration.

Sandblasting allows surfaces to be cleaned in such a way that the various details and decorations on the objects are kept intact. The size and material of the sand used in the sandblasting process is adapted to the needs of the project.

The sand used in the sandblasting process is made of natural materials, glass or mineral. It is an environmentally friendly alternative that offers advantages over other chemical materials.

Sandblasting is essentially a thorough preparation before restoration, so the restored surface retains its surface quality and durability for a long time.